Joro Yordanov Interactive Designer

With 12 years of experience in solving design problems & crafting digital products.

I am interested in freelance, part-time design projects as well as consulting. In case you need a design partner, let's talk.

Long Story Short

Bio Overview

I have been designing Web since the age of thirteen. Now, more than twelve years later, I am still extremely interested in building effective and functional products. With a passion for visual arts and interest in web development, I am a doer that likes to make things happen.

Graduated from high school as a System Programmer as well as completed a Bachelor's degree (BA) in Multimedia & Computer Graphics alongside working as a Web Design teacher. While I enjoy playing with motions, my true passion lies in Interaction Design.


I can help you with

Even though I have a 'get things done' attitude as well as a wide range of experience in design, my primary focus currently is set on:

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Kirby Development

Worked With

Thank You
PioneersSamsung —  WPML —  WP Toolset —  Diema TV —  Nova TV —  24Kitchen —  Heineken —  Amstel —  Telenor —  Dimitar Berbatov Foundation —  Serdika Center —  DigitalK —  Finlandia —  Bulged — 100+ more




2006 - PRESENT
Interactive Designer & Developer

I have been designing UI/UX Design for Web and Mobile applications for various types of clients. I am also well-versed in Front-End Development, WordPress, Kirby CMS, Shopify theme development.


2017 - PRESENT
Product Designer

As a Lead Designer, I am responsible for the overall identity, marketing landing pages and the product design system. My Front-End knowledge and experience in launching working websites are also put in good use since I develop the marketing pages I design as well.

By setting up a good design system, sustainable codebase and automatized deployment flow, we are able to test and launch new concepts in a short period of time.

Oblik Studio

2015 - PRESENT
Co-Founder & Interactive Design Director

Oblik is a cross-disciplinary design studio. I define and present interactive design concepts to our partners, build and lead the interactive team as well as manage the development process when needed.


2012 - 2014
Interactive Design Director

As an Interactive Design Director, I was responsible for developing creative concepts for web and mobile products, structuring and managing design systems, and vetting all visual output. In order to make it all happen, I worked collaboratively with other designers, copywriters, project managers and developers.

Designer & Developer

onTheGoSystems are The makers of WPML, Toolset and ICanLocalize - the popular WordPress plugins that power 1,000,000+ websites.

My main duty was to provide graphic and UI design solutions for the company's websites and products, as well as a front-end development of UIs, WordPress theme development with Types and Views and some support tutorial writings.


2011 - 2012
Designer & Theme Developer

We created two premium WordPress themes with more than 4 000 customers. We became the first top-selling new author on ThemeForest.

By developing the front-end codebase for the first two themes, I was able to set an option that enabled the setting of a custom appearance. I introduced the adjustment of fonts, colors and layout, which was a rather rare feature back then.

Web Design Teacher

I developed and presented a Web Design course that involved design theory, including the basic UX principles. The key modules that were covered in the course were HTML and CSS as well as WordPress setup, configuration and theme development.


also self-taught

New Bulgarian University

2011 - EXPECTED · BA
Computer Graphics & Multimedia

My course covered modules such as Design Theory and other practical tasks, Development with C# and Modelling 3D Graphics with 3Ds Max.

I am currently in the process of finishing up my thesis. My average grade for the four years of university ranks amongst the highest classification in the Bulgarian education system.

System Programming

ELSYS is the top IT high school in Bulgaria. Their unique method of teaching by top industry professionals is establishing highly prepared developers.

We had software engineering courses covering a wide range of technologies such as Assembler, C/C++, Java and computer graphics. By combining theory and practice, we gained a lot of knowledge on OOP principles, Agile methods of development and working with version control systems.


Smashing Magazine
Designing "Coming Soon" Pages - Favmovie Feature

A few years ago, I created a project that was featured in an article as a good example of the best practices when designig coming-soon types of landing pages.

Also, it was featured in the print edition of .net Magazine.

.net Magazine
7 x QA's

I used to be a regular participant in the QA's section of the print magazine. I was giving my opinion on various topics related to the Web Technologies.

5 x FARA Awards

I had the great opportunity to be a part of the team at NEXT-DC when we developed the #80kmtosapce campaign for Heineken. I was responsible for the UX and the Design System of the application as well as the website. Learn more

The campaign have won multiple awards at FARA 2014:

  • Gold: Digital Campaign
  • Gold: Interactive Campaign
  • Gold: Websites, Microsites & Mobile Applications
  • Silver: New Communication Channels
  • Bronze: Media Campaign

Technical University Sofia
The Best Diploma Thesis

My classmate and I both were working on a project on the topic of 'Social network with geotargeting and geottaging'. Our collaborative work as well as the case study I wrote about it, was recognised at the Special Annual Awards ceremony organised by the Technical University Sofia, which, in fact, worked closely with my high school.

The First Knights of Software

As a System Programming graduate I have never stopped designing both functional and appealing interfaces. The combination of writing software and developing its visual identity and UX is the reason I was awarded the special ELSYS award for a Universal Software Graduate.

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